Waves, Harmonics, Music, Maths, Feedback, Chaos.

Wednesday 2012 april 18th, 4pm-6pm :
Conference @ Gyeonggi Creation Center , Ansan, Korea.

In a talk based on concrete examples and manipulations, I want to show that the concepts of Feedback (or Retroaction) and Resonance are fundamentaly present at every stage of the creation process in music and sound art. From a mathematical perspective, retroaction is often a key ingredient in the emergence of complex forms and subtle dynamics. It is present the very core of most acoustic phenomena and sound producing devices, acoustic or electronic, but also in compositional aspects of music, and even in the performance process.

This talk requires no technical prerequisite in maths, music or technology, and is open to anybody. I developped those ideas after I met the american minimalist composer Alvin Lucier in 2011. I will review some classical and more recent performances in sound art.

If time permits, I will also address the issue of the relationships between time, music, continuity, discrete accidents, space, architecture.

About the speaker :

Emmanuel Ferrand is a mathematician doing research at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris, France. At the same time he is involved in a collective of artists runing an independant art-space, La Générale ( http://lagenerale.fr ). He continues there his researches as a sound artist (Emmanuel Rébus), and organizes the activity in the field of new media and art-science issues.